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"Hello!  I want to help make your real estate transaction a pleasant one.  I will work hard to protect your interests, and get you the best results.  Also, I want to earn your trust.  Contact me if I can be of any help.  Thanks for stopping by!"


--Mike D. Kays

"Providing Sterling Service in Real Estate"



Mike and his wife Jeannie came to the Palm Springs area for a vacation, and they fell in love with the beauty and awe inspiring landscapes of the desert.  They had vowed that they would eventually retire to the area, but once Mike's wife received her Masters Degree in Library Science and became the City Librarian for Cathedral City, they decided why wait to retire to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the desert.  So, Mike quit a successful sales and marketing job in Seattle, Washington and they packed up their belongings, and moved.


Mike and his wife both came from rural areas of Missouri, and Mike could be found spending his summers on his Grandmother's farm where he learned the value of hard work, and planting a seed today for a harvest at some time in the future.  These humble beginnings instilled an appreciation for nature, and began a journey of wanting to create something for his family, as his father and grandfather had done before him.


It is more than ironic that Missouri's state motto is "Show Me" which has always sort of been Mike's unofficial slogan.  After working his way through college, he found that the way to get ahead is not to ask what can be given to him, but instead ask for the opportunity to show others what he can do for them.


It is this attitude that has given Mike over 15 years of sales and marketing experience, has allowed him to have articles published in magazines and trade publications, and has given him the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of a Seattle area industry association.


In Mike's real estate career, he is looking for the opportunity to "Show You" how he can put his experience to work for you.


Helping make the dream of living in paradise a reality!


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